Preference… You accidentily hit his private area…

Harry:The two of you were playing a game of baseball. Well, softball, and Harry was pitching it. He had an extremely weird way of pitching it but you ignored that. “Ready babe?” he said. “Yup. Pitch it Styles.” you said, getting into your stands. He smirked. You stood up. “What?” you asked. “Oh nothing, you just look so cute with your butt sticking out like that.” he said, smiling. You rolled your eyes and smiled. You got back into your stands and waiting for him to release the ball. He did and you hit a line drive right to his…lower area. He collapsed to the ground, holding onto himself. “OH MY GOD, HARRY!!” you screamed, setting the bat down and running towards him. You bent down as he groaned, rolling around in the sand. “Baby, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen. Are you okay?” you said, helping him up by putting your hand on his back. He had tears in his eyes. “Uhh…” he said, resting his head on your chest. “Babe, I’m so sorry. I… I didn’t mean to.” you said, rocking him back and forth. “C…Can we not play softball for awhile?” he said, looking at you. You just giggled and nodded, helping him up. Now, you have to beg him to attend your softball games, cause he now has a fear of the ball when you hit it. :)

Louis:You and Louis were outside, throwing a football back and forth. He was blabbing on about how to hold the football and how to line your fingers up with the laces. You just nodded and continued. Harry pulled in the drive way and Lou went to say hey. He came back and signaled for you to throw it. You threw it right as he turned to face Harry again. You threw it almost perfectly, but realized Louis wasn’t looking. “LOUIS!” You screamed, He turned around just in time for the ball to hit his lower area. He made a grunting noise and fell to the ground. Harry stood there, laughing his head off. You how ever, didn’t find it funny. You ran to his side, helping him sit up. “OH my god. I can’t believe I just did that. I’m so sorry. Are you okay babe!” you said, as he rested his head on your chest. You sat there and he just moaned and groaned in pain. “Babe…” you started but he stopped you. “Y/N, it’s okay it was an accident.” he said, before planting a kiss on your lips. Harry just stood there. “Good throw Y/N!” he said before walking into the house, still chuckling to himself.:)

Niall: You and Niall were outside, in the drive way, shooting some hoops. You were a good basketball player and he was decent. “Babe, watch my dunk it!” he screamed. You watched as your silly boyfriend ran and dunked the ball, quit well. “Good job babe.” you said, He passed you the ball but you didn’t want to shoot it. “Niall.” you said, passing the ball. It bounced infront of him and bounced up, hitting his privates. “Ugh!” he said, gripping onto his lower area and falling down. “Oh my god, babe!” you said, running to him. “Ugh princess, you suck so bad.” he said, rolling onto his stomack. He had his elbows and knees holding up his weight. He was on  all fours, moaning in pain. “I..I’ll go grab an ice pack…” you said, kissing his cheek. You came back and he was on his back. You geltly laid the ice on his lower area and layed next to him. “I still love you my princess.” he said, kissing your cheek. “love you to Niall.” you said, giving him a long, passionate kiss.:)

Liam:You and Liam were gonna watch a movie. Toy Story, of course! You went to the kitchen to grab a drink. “Babe, I left the remote on the counter. Toss it to my please!” he said from the living room. You grabbed the remote  and threw it, not aiming for it to go anywere. You turned back around and heard a loud groaning noise. You popped your head back into the living room to see Liam’s eyes closed and holding onto himself. “Liam…you okay!” you said, walking back towards him. He put up his index finger. “Give me a minute.” he said, trying to breath in and out. You sat down and looked confused at him. He opened his eyes and shook his head. “Babe, next time, just hand it to my okay.” he said, smiling. Your eyes went big. “Oh god Liam. I’m so sorry!!” you said, wrapping your arms around his waist as he pressed play.

Zayn:  You were in the kitchen, making dinner. Zayn was in the way of a cabinet you needed to get into. You carefully opened it, and something was stuck. “want me to move?” he said, in the middle of cutting an onion. “No, I got it.” you said, You pulled on the cabinet door hard and it flung open, hitting Zayn perfectly in his lower area. “Ahh.” he said, dropping the knife and grabbing onto his…you know. You tried to hold in a giggle. “I…I’m sorry Zayn.” you said, grabbing what you needed. “Your gonna get it later for that.”he said, going to sit down. You gave him a package of frozen peas to put on himself as he sat at the table, planning his revenge for you:)

Hope you guys liked it!

~xx Manda:)

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